What does the word "website" mean?
A web site is considering as a place over internet where all the business organizations as well as each individual can explore their business and share their information and data.
  How will a web site benefit to us?
A web site will expand your client base worldwide because it allows your customers to visit your business and gather information about your products and services when it is convenient for them. Having a web site turns your business from local to international. It is the most cost efficient way to spread the word about your business or hobby. You may tell the world as much or as little as you want.
  What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting means finding a server on which to place (publish) your website so others can see it. Most Web Designers will be able to supply space for your site at a very minimal fee or be able to advise you on where to host your site. This gives a much more professional appearance to your site, with no pop up advertising to distract your visitors.
  What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is a specific name that identifies the owner. i.e. www.yourcompanyname.com . The Domain Name gives you a URL (internet address) that is easy to remember. You can move your site at any time to any server and still be found because your domain name does not change.
  What does 'custom design' mean?
Custom means designed just for you. You will not run into the same design anywhere else on the internet. Your site will be unique to you and your business/hobby.
  What is 'maintenance'?
Maintenance is revising outdated information on EXISTING pages and resubmitting your site to the search engines on a regular basis. (Changing the style or look of the site, i.e. changing backgrounds, graphics, etc, are not considered maintenance, nor is adding pages to a website. These are classed as REDESIGN)
  Why are some pages so quick to download and some so slow?
A properly designed web site is optimized to download as fast as possible. Optimize in this instance means that all graphics, pictures and backgrounds are compressed to make the files as small as possible. Another reason that pages may download slowly is that there is too much on one page, large pictures, or the links on that page go to sites that are having server problems. Music on a website is also major reason for slow downloading. The server that a website is hosted on plays a very important part in the speed of download.
  How do I upload my site online?
The most popular way of uploading your site is using FTP. When you sign up for a package, your host will provide you with an FTP account. Using software such as CuteFTP or WS_FTP, you can log into your host. Then you can just drag and drop files onto your web server.
  What are PHP, ASP, Perl, MySQL, MS SQL?
ASP - Active Server Pages, server side language
PHP - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, server side language
Perl - server side language
Each programming language has its own benefits and uses.
MySQL and MS SQL are database systems that you can use a database to organize your data.
  What is the difference between Linux hosting and Windows hosting?
If you need to support Microsoft products such as ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL, or VBScript or IIS, then Windows hosting fits your needs. Linux is much more common with web hosts because of its stability and because it's free. Therefore, Linux hosting is usually cheaper than Windows.
  What is the Control Panel?
The Control Panel is an end user account manager where you can administer and make changes to your account. You can create email accounts, mailing lists etc in the Control Panel.
  How do I get a Domain name ?
You can register a domain name through us. See link on our website i.e. http://www.sumeeshi.com
  What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of designing a website specifically for search engines with the goal of obtaining the highest possible rankings according to selected keywords.